How To Deal With Problems?

When faced with unpleasant situations it is tempting to ignore them and not deal with them. The path of least resistance is an attractive one and the effort required to deal with the problem sometimes seems too immense. You can be hindered from making progress if you ignore your problems. Could you be letting little […]


The Foundation of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is about being more aware of our emotions and what they are trying to tell us. Usually when we think of “intelligence”, we associate it with things like logic, math, and science. According to psychologist Daniel Goleman in his monumental book Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ, “emotional intelligence” (EQ) […]

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An emotion called ‘Bombay’

It was a rainy evening of August, sometime in the beginning of the millennium, my train stopped at the Victoria Terminus station (now CST) in Bombay (not ‘Mumbai’ for me). I reached the city in search of luck, like other thousands that arrive everyday. This was not my first visit though, I had visited the […]

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3 Days at Hazaribag

Land of thousand garden, that’s the meaning of the name of this small town of Jharkhand. I wouldn’t have planned to come over this place ever, if not suddenly I came across my childhood friend Shib Shankar, on Facebook. There were loads of calls, emails and exchange of ideas that happened with Shibu for almost […]

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A film to remember for life: ‘The Suspended Step of the Stork’

“How many borders one has to cross to find himself?” Or “Its the borders, the limits, that drive us insane!” These are the phrases from the film ‘The Suspended Step of the Stork‘. It’s not the first Theo Angelopoulos film that I have seen. More I am watching the works of this director, more I’m […]

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All hail consumerism!

The word that at times doesn’t allow me to sleep is, ‘Consumerism’. I have no clue where it’s taking us, but surely it’s able to do the job that it’s supposed to – washing our brain out! As a marketing guru once said, ‘Create the need in consumers’ mind’, and that’s exactly been followed by […]

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Omnipresence of brilliant jerks

I couldn’t stop writing this when I came across an article on ‘brilliant jerks’ few days before on internet. This term was coined by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, sometime in 2009.  And Cliff Oxford, founder of the Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs, defined brilliant jerks as they are “specialized, high-producing performers. They are not, however, brilliant business […]

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DIFF 4: Way to go!

This was 4th glorious year for DIFF – Dharamshala International Film Festival, a tiny film festival on the mountains. November 5th to 8th were the dates when film lovers from across the globe not only visited the festival, but talked, drank and made the festival successful. Hands down to Ritu Sarin & Tenzin Sonam – […]

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Varanasi – Delight for photographers

I have been visiting this so-called oldest city of India since my childhood. Varanasi never stops amazing me; more than the place, its the people, which have been my key point of interest. Perhaps there are correlations between the people and places, how the same person might think or behave differently in different places. Each […]

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Impressionable, I am

Looking back at my childhood, or even little later when I was in high school/college, I found myself to be impressed and be awed with every new idea I came across. Not only new ideas, but people, thoughts, skills or even emotions. And much before that I could realize that I’ve been attracted, I used […]