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A film to remember for life: ‘The Suspended Step of the Stork’

“How many borders one has to cross to find himself?” Or “Its the borders, the limits, that drive us insane!” These are the phrases from the film ‘The Suspended Step of the Stork‘. It’s not the first Theo Angelopoulos film that I have seen. More I am watching the works of this director, more I’m […]

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DIFF 4: Way to go!

This was 4th glorious year for DIFF – Dharamshala International Film Festival, a tiny film festival on the mountains. November 5th to 8th were the dates when film lovers from across the globe not only visited the festival, but talked, drank and made the festival successful. Hands down to Ritu Sarin & Tenzin Sonam – […]

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Impressionable, I am

Looking back at my childhood, or even little later when I was in high school/college, I found myself to be impressed and be awed with every new idea I came across. Not only new ideas, but people, thoughts, skills or even emotions. And much before that I could realize that I’ve been attracted, I used […]