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All hail consumerism!

The word that at times doesn’t allow me to sleep is, ‘Consumerism’. I have no clue where it’s taking us, but surely it’s able to do the job that it’s supposed to – washing our brain out! As a marketing guru once said, ‘Create the need in consumers’ mind’, and that’s exactly been followed by […]

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Impressionable, I am

Looking back at my childhood, or even little later when I was in high school/college, I found myself to be impressed and be awed with every new idea I came across. Not only new ideas, but people, thoughts, skills or even emotions. And much before that I could realize that I’ve been attracted, I used […]

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Turning 40 and Steve Jobs

Turning 40 is something really interesting! It just adds few perspectives to our vision, and the long walks that all I had so far seems to be a practice ground, playing trial and error every day. I never gave much importance to age, it always appeared to me as mere number, and I loved to […]