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Varanasi – Delight for photographers


I have been visiting this so-called oldest city of India since my childhood. Varanasi never stops amazing me; more than the place, its the people, which have been my key point of interest. Perhaps there are correlations between the people and places, how the same person might think or behave differently in different places.

Each ghat of the holy river Ganga has a character – if the Harishchandra Ghat (a burning ghat) makes one calm from inside, the Dwasashamedh Ghat showcases the extravaganza of Hinduism with its super scaled up aarti every evening. And to my amaze, there are hundreds of photographers from India and abroad trying to capture the moments in that celebration in the evenings. Even I did the same when I came last time – with my first digital camera, a tiny Nikon D40.

This time, I was sure not to shoot where there are hundreds of people and all kind of photographers. Rather I wanted to capture the essence of Varanasi, people and ghats as they actually are. Here are some – fresh from my memory card!


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